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Teach With Us!

App-based Child-care Teaching Opportunities
how it works
WeSUB Teach connects early childcare professionals with substitute teaching gigs called “Sub Gigs”. Use your talent and experience to unlock your earning potential! 

How It Works

What Subbers And Schools Are Saying

Childcare centers and substitute teachers alike are experiencing the benefits of WeSUB app!

“Finding and keeping good teachers is so important for us. The subbers are professional, on time and just what we need!”

“I can work a substitute gig whenever I need to make some extra money and still have time to be with my own family.”

Atlanta school

Atlanta subber

About Us

Substitute Teaching Revolutionized

WeSUB Teach is an app based gig platform for the Early Childcare industry.  Our organization connects early childcare professionals with substitute teaching gigs called Sub Gigs.  Our apps were designed specifically for Early Child care programs. We help centers maintain the quality of their Early Childcare programs.

We’re focused on quality and never compromise the care of all children.

Classrooms Covered

Find Teachers 24/7

We understand all of the challenges associated with finding the best childcare staff for your center. It can be stressful!  And finding qualified substitute teachers who are willing to remain "on-call" until your school has a need can be even more challenging.

  • Flat hourly rate billing

  • Select teachers 24/7 (using our manager app)

  • All teachers vetted and ready to work

Childcare Centers

The Sky is the Limit with Teaching Gigs.

 As a professional substitute Early Childcare teacher or Subber, you’ll set your own schedule and take control of your earning potential.

Control Your Earnings

Average pay is $15+ per hour with the potential to earn bonuses and gig extras and weekly direct deposit.

Be Your Own Boss

Our app allows Subbers to work when they want  (5-8 hour shifts) and select the locations.**

Control Your life

Flexibility gives you a better quality of life.


**Please note that you must have experience in a childcare classroom, a personal vehicle, a smart phone, the ability to pass a federal background screening, and drug test.

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